Technical Research Personnel System

Technical Research Personnel System

The technical research personnel system

The technical research personnel system is a form of alternative military service that enables companies (research institutes) designated by the commissioner of the Military Manpower Administration to utilize research personnel for the advancement of science and technology in Korea, operated in a scale that does not obstruct the recruitment of active servicemen.

Criteria: Research personnel such as master’s or doctoral students, 36 months of service in science/engineering research

Content of KAIX Program

Thematic program
  • Military Service Act 「Law No. 13425 (Enforced 1/25/2016)」
  • Enforcement Decree of the Military Service Act 「Presidential Decree No. 26551 (Enforced 9/28/2015)」
  • Enforcement Rule of the Military Service Act 「Ministry of National Defense Order No. 862 (Enforced 7/1/2015.)」
  • Regulations on Management of Technical Research Personnel and Skilled Industry Personnel 「Military Manpower Administration Order No. 1257 (Enforced 5/19/2015)」
  • Article 4 of KAIST Guidelines on Management of Technical Research Personnel
Transfer of technical research personnel
  • The head of a designated company shall employ personnel meeting the criteria for transfer to technical research personnel and able to work in research, collect transfer applications, select personnel to recommend to the program within the allocated quota, and submit the transfer applications to the head of the competent regional office of the Military Manpower Administration.
Eligibility criteria for transfer
  • A master’s degree holder or higher (including completion of an integrated master’s/doctoral program) who is working at a designated research institute
  • A bachelor’s degree holder in natural sciences who is working at a research institute under a designated SME and has been summoned as social service personnel