KAIST Advanced Institute for Science-X

The KAIX project aims to create the culture of Science-X,

which represents eXchange, cross(X)-disciplinary, unknown (X), and eXploration in basic science research, focusing on revolutionary advances in natural sciences and no-target investigative basic sciences in preparation of the future beyond the 4th industrial revolution era. KAIX will contribute to the leap of KAIST into the World's Top 10 research-oriented university by improving basic science research capabilities and thus promoting international competitiveness and global influence of KAIST.


Thematic program
  • We invite 10-30 experts for 1-6 months on specific themes and enable them to conduct collaborative research.
  • We also hold academic events such as conferences, workshops, schools, and lectures on related topics.
Visiting scholar program
  • We invite individual internationally-renowned scholars for long and short terms and let them participate in the thematic program while staying on campus at KAIST.
  • We create an atmosphere of vivid research activities for visiting scholars through active interactions with KAIST faculty and students.
KAIX Fellow & KAIX Post-Doc
  • We hire world-class young basic scientists (less than 5 years after Ph. D.), who could have limited independent research funds and man powers, as non-tenure track KAIX fellows and post-docs.
Basic Science Academic Events
  • We promote academic exchange and collaboration by hosting and supporting international conferences and workshops in various fields of basic sciences.
Other Programs
  • KAIX Challenge program: supporting no-target investigative researches in basic sciences
  • Basic Science Outreach program: providing local societies and communities with public and explanatory lectures for latest basic science topics