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Staff Members of Academic & Student Affairs Team

Staff Members of Academic & Student Affairs Team
Name Responsibilities E-mail Ext. (Tel. 042-350-XXXX)
Cheol-hwan Kim
  • Overall affairs of the team
  • Operation/administration of related committees
  • Utilization of external experts etc. 2479
Mi-ra Jeon
  • Planning (workshop, Dept. evaluation, faculty workshop etc.)
  • Personnel management of faculty
  • Management of KC30 research projects
  • College PR (website, newsletter, MOUs etc.) 2471
Bong-yeo Lee
  • General Academic affairs (Graduation of Bachelor’s/Master’s/Doctoral Students and technical research personnel)
  • Various evaluation data and statistics (Deans’ meeting agenda, institutional evaluation, dept. evaluation, statistics etc.)
  • Curriculum affairs, scholarship affairs
  • Major events (Dean’s list, Hooding, Nobel Prize etc.)
  • Management of budget and assets 2472
Kyung-hee Yang
  • Management of Research Center for Natural Sciences
  • Management of technical research personnel’s military service, research fellows
  • Management of Venture Research Program
  • Safety and security 2473
Su-min Kim
  • Overall matters related to KAIX (academic/research programs)
  • Operation of College of Natural Sciences website 2477
Student staff
  • Reception
  • Management of Dean’s schedule