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new project for the 2019 KC30 project


We'll be having our new project for the 2019 KC30 project.

If you have interested, please referto the following information.


Call for Proposal for the 2019 KAIST Grand Challenge 30 Project



1. Purpose   


   o To support long-term projects in fundamental research that address global


   o To promote original research which outcomes are not evaluated as the

     selection criteria of proposals  


2. Eligibility & Requirements  


   o Eligibility

     - Full-time faculty members who have served at KAIST for five years (as

       of March 1, 2019) or longer are eligible to apply without regard to their

ongoing research projects including the ones funded by KAIST. (Full-time professors can apply regardless of employment period.)

     - Enrolled undergraduate students (Students who will graduate in August

       2019 can not apply.)


   o Applicants should satisfy at least two of the following requirements: 

     - Research issues that address global challenges

     - Fundamental questions in basic sciences

     - Topics or ideas which are not related to main research projects undertaken by an applicant

     - Topics that are original and difficult to receive grants

     - Topics which are not currently considered as popular research subjects

     - Topics that will be less likely to become commercialized within the next 10 years


3. Research Period & Funding      

   o Research period: From a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 30 years

   o Amount of funding

     - Between 20 and 30 million KRW per project/year (subject to adjustment)


    ※ Approximately 35% of total research funds can be appropriated at maximum

       to student labor costs. Overhead costs shall not be appropriated.


4. Application Period & Presentation Review

   o Acceptance of proposals : Mon., March 11, 2019 - Fri., March 29, 2019

   o Review of presentations : Around mid-April 2019

   o How to Apply: Please fill out the prescribed proposal form and submit it

      to the Academic and Student Affairs Team at the College of Natural Sciences

Contact: Eunhee Yun (Ext. 2471,


  5. Guidelines for Proposal Write-ups

   o Please present an overview of your research topic, global research status

      including general solutions, and your own unique solution.

   o Please state clearly how and why your proposed research meets with the

eligibility requirements.

   o There is no need to state the impact or expected results of the proposed


   o Write 2 or 3 pages that outline your proposal in plain language.