Research Research Center for Natural Sciences

Research Center for Natural Sciences

The Research Center for Natural Sciences (RCNS) was established on July 16, 1990. It has also been designated as a center for technical research personnel on October 30, 1990. Now, the RCNS has active research centers (groups) as below

In accordance with Guidelines on the Management of Research Organizations, research organizations receive research grants or government funding, and cooperate with one another in specific research projects.
The research center operating committee consists of department heads, and the dean serves as the director.


Research centers under the Research Center for Natural Sciences TEL( 042-350-****)

DirectorAffiliation(department)Name of CenterYear of EstablishmentTelHomepage
Cho, Yong-Hoon Physics Institute for LED Research Instability Research Center 2010. 05. 8223  
Jeong, Hawoong Physics KAIST Center for Complexity 2007. 07. 5517  
Park, YongKeun Physics Time-reversal mirror Center 2015.12.1. 7166  
Ahn, Jaewook Physics Quantum Information Research Center 2017.2.14. 2586  
Yang, Chan-Ho Physics Center for Lattice Defectronics 2017.06.01 8268
Lee, Younghoon Chemistry Donald Kim Center for Chemical Biology 2013. 08. 2817  
Choi, Insung Chemistry Center for Cell-Encapsulation Research 2012. 05. 8133
Kim, Sang Youl Chemistry Research Center for Polyolefine Materials 2004. 12. 8175  
Han, Sangwoo Chemistry Center for Nanotectonics 2015.08.14. 5812
Kim, So Young Mathematical Sciences STEAM Education Research Center 2013. 02. 8575  
Suh, Dong-Youp Mathematical Sciences Basic Science Research Information Center 1995 8196
Seo, Yeon-Soo Biological Sciences Center for DNA Replication & Genoma Instability 2007. 07. 8271  
Lim, Dae-Sik Biological Sciences Cell Division and Differentiation Research Center 2010. 04. 2675  
Sangyong, Jon Biological Sciences Center for Precision Bip-Nanomedicine 2018.06.01 2674
Choi, Giltsu Biological Sciences Center for Phytochrome Mobile Signaling 2018.06.01 5636  
Kim, Yong-Hyun Graduate School of
Nanoscience and Technology
KAIST Advanced Institute for Sceince-X (KAIX) 2018.05.01 8185