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Department of Physics

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Educational Goals

The goal of the Department of Physics is to instill an in-depth knowledge of physics and creative skills in students through a wide-ranging education in theoretical and experimental subjects. Under the leadership of Dr. Sangsoo Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science (KAIS) started with 106 graduate students. Physics is a discipline that teaches the basic principles of nature, ranging from elementary particles to the universe. Beginning from the undergraduate level, students gain a comprehensive understanding of both theoretical and experimental physics.

At the master’s and doctoral level, students acquire fundamental knowledge through lectures and experiments, and perform thesis research in their field of research under the guidance of advisors. The department encourages interdisciplinary work in engineering (materials engineering, electrical engineering, biochemical engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.) and biology, allowing students to develop an interest in industrial technology and medical issues.

Research Areas

The Department of Physics at KAIST focuses on research in condensed matter physics, optics, plasma physics, theoretical high energy physics, physics of complex systems, biophysics, and nonlinear/nonequilibrium physics. Several research centers are active within the department.

  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Plasma Physics
  • Optics
  • Theoritical High Energy Physics
  • Physics of Complex Systems & Biophysics